Friday, November 11, 2016, 12:59
Edna helps Hanna across the streets of London

For Hannah to get to her local Community Centre, take part in her knitting group and meet up with her friends, can be an arduous task. The short walk for you and I, is a minefield for Hannah, as she has to navigate uneven pavement slabs, busy roads and traffic lights that give only a few seconds of safety before cars and motor bikes whizz by.

However, with the help of Camden Connector Edna, Hannah is able to safely get to her club. With a supporting arm and a cheerful conversation, Central London becomes less of an obstacle and Hannah is grateful for the support that Edna provides.

Edna has met Hannah a couple of time and enjoys supporting the 90 year young lady, and the walk to and from the Centre is peppered with short stories, jokes and observations of London life, something Edna particular enjoys as she is a student from China and loves learning about her new adopted home.

If you can spend just two hours once a week volunteering with us, you too could help older people like Hannah to continue to access local facilities and carry on with their passions, hobbies and engage with others.

If you would like to volunteer for Camden Community Connectors please click our Volunteer button.

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