Friday, November 25, 2016, 10:53
Ken Ready For Coffee!

This is Ken who recently moved into new accommodation. In his previous accommodation Ken found it very easy to mix with others and always had plenty to do. However, after relocating he found himself with more time on his hands and was keen to use his spare time to socialise with others.

When meeting Ken, the first thing you will notice about him his passion for fashion! Ken has an array of different garments and shoes, some of which he made himself. Ken has worked in multiple trades but mainly worked as a tailor in different parts of the world. He always plans his outfit before going out and ensures all items of clothing are matching!

This picture was taken before Ken was heading out to a coffee morning he was trying out for the first time. Ken is very open to trying out new places to socialise and is very easy to get along with. Our Gospel Oak Coordinator, Rez, accompanied Ken to the coffee morning and reported he was an instant hit with the attendees there as he "clicked" with the group straightaway.

If you would like to volunteer for Camden Community Connectors and support people like Ken to attend outside activities, please click our volunteer button.

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