Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 12:07
The Queen In Goodenough College

The Queen visited Goodenough College in Mecklenburg Square last week and amongst the many students, teachers, and honoured guests were two of our volunteers (Devorah and Meg) and John. Each of them had an opportunity to speak to her majesty about the Camden Connectors and the work that we do. It was a fascinating day, one that we are sure the volunteers will never forget.

Founded in 1931, Goodenough College is an independent educational charity that provides a secure and supportive environment for local and international postgraduate students. It can house more than 700 students and its members, hailing from more than 85 countries, pursue a diverse range of academic disciplines at most of London's universities and colleges.

Goodenough College has been extremely supportive of the Camden Community Connectors project and this year has been no exception. Janice Telfer and John Hayes have been involved in the recruitment of volunteers and we are sure that all the students will be an asset to the project.

Along with developing valuable skills, our volunteers are making a positive contribution for both individual people and to society. If you would like to volunteer for Camden Community Connectors please click our Volunteer button.

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