Monday, January 16, 2017, 13:07
Devora and Winifred

At the beginning of January, John informed our newest Connector, Devorah Margolin, that he would like to introduce her Winifred, Devorah could hardly contain her enthusiasm, "That's great news, I can't wait to get started and meet her!"

John first met Winifred two weeks before Christmas. Winifred had recently been discharged from Hospital due to heart failure, and though on the road to recovery, was still feeling the after effects of her illness. It was clear to Winfred that simple tasks such as going out, shopping and generally socialising, were going to be harder for her, but she was determined to live a positive life. Winifred has a loving and supportive family, made up of her son and grandchildren, but do not live locally, so Winifred was very interested to hear more about our project and meeting with a Connector.

Winifred is keen to attend keep fit sessions and also taking up arts and crafts. John informed Winifred that a local Centre – The Seven Dials Club, based in Covent Garden – has a number of sessions for people over 60, including an Art Class and Sit down Yoga. Winifred is keen to visit and see for herself, but doesn't really want to go on her own – and this is where Devorah will come in – providing that support to overcome her trepidation.

Devorah and Winifred have many interests in common, travelling, exploring London as well as interest in Hebrewism.
Today was their first time in meeting. When John and Devorah arrived Winifred was not well, and having an "off day". They asked if she wanted them to come back another date, but Winifred insisted that Devorah should stay – even if only for a few minutes.

John left them alone and went for a walk, by the time that he came back, Winifred looked and sounded much better – the power of a good chat!

Winifred and Devorah are now going to meet again next week – watch this space for updates!

The Camden Community Connectors are always on the lookout for new and talented volunteers to help support people like Winifred. Do you see yourself taking on the same fulfilling role as Devorah? Click our Volunteer link to find out more! 

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