Thursday, February 16, 2017, 12:24
Mette And Pat

The work we do at Camden Community Connectors can make a huge difference in people's lives; giving them a purpose and an opportunity to connect with others!

Mette and Pat were struggling to enjoy weekly activities to keep them busy.  Mette would visit her family on Saturdays and go to bingo on Mondays whilst Pat suffered with pain and even going to centres wasn't working.

Through Camden Community Connectors however the two met doing yoga at St Pancreas Community Association and became friends.  On Tuesdays they do chair based exercises to music and have some lovely food.  The other ladies who attend the classes notice if either of them are not there. 

So what has this done for both Mette and Pat? According to Matte she's " a new lease of life".  Whilst Pat's family are seeing a huge difference now that she is going out and about.  Pat recalls "yeah, because I am doing things that I like now, you know? I'm meeting people, whereas before I wouldn't bother.  We do need people, as we get older, of our own age. It's better to be with other people, but sometimes it's nice for young kids to come in and be there as well and mix. I think on our own we wouldn't have went as much."

The two of them are now so active that they have started volunteering for Camden Town's Older People Advisory Group (OPAG), even if it's just for a couple of hours a week it makes all the difference for them and many other older residents of Camden.

You too can help and inspire people like Mette and Pat by volunteering with the Camden Community Connectors. To find out more please click our Volunteer link.

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