Monday, May 15, 2017, 14:30

Here we have Linda (left) and Cordelia (right) pictured at Castlehaven's knitting class. Cordelia has been supporting Linda for the last few weeks to get out of the house and access suitable community activities.

When Area Coordinator Rez first met Linda, she said she was experiencing low mood and was keen to get out, as she spent most of the day at home and had to rely on her children to take her out. Linda said one of her main barriers to going out was having no one to go with and also feeling a lack of motivation. Linda also told Rez she lacked confidence to go out due to her mobility needs and uses a walking stick to get around.

To ensure Linda could get to different activities of interest, Rez supported Linda to apply for Plusbus. Plusbus is a community transport solution, provided by Camden, for people who have mobility issues, to get to places of interest.

Once plusbus was in place, Rez introduced Linda to Cordelia who would support her in trying out activities she identified as suitable for her. Cordelia and Linda got on very well from their first meeting, and shared stories about their families. Cordelia supported Linda to attend the knitting group at Castlehaven Community Centre using plusbus, and returning home using public transport. Cordelia accompanied Linda to this class a few times and recently Linda has started making the journey on her own, independently attending the class using plusbus and public transport.

Linda thoroughly enjoys the class and in the picture taken above you can see a mug holder she is making!

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