Thursday, September 29, 2016, 10:59
Alan is an 82 year old gentleman who has led a long and interesting life as a photojournalist for the Daily Mirror. His role took him all over the world as he covered the most important stories that made the news. Today Alan is still active and happily married to Dawn, who has been his wife for the last twenty years. One of Alan's goal is to learn Spanish – a country he fell in love with on his travels. However, severe arthritis in his back limits his mobility and getting down the two flights of stairs, means that most of his time, Alan spends on his own. To combat his isolation, a volunteer connector Hayley visits Alan and supports his desire to reengage with his local area. Hayley is a student at SOAS, who applied to be a volunteer connector a month ago.

When I met Hayley, I knew straight away that she would be a perfect "fit" for Alan.  Hayley speaks four languages, including Spanish and her dream job is to be a journalist herself. My instincts proved right. Within minutes of meeting both Alan and Hayley were talking about the state of reporting in today's paper sometimes in Spanish!

If you can spend just two hours once a week volunteering with us, you too could help older people like Alan to continue to access local facilities and carry on with their passions, hobbies and engage with others.

If you would like to volunteer for Camden Community Connectors please click our Volunteer button.

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