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Here we have Linda (left) and Cordelia (right) pictured at Castlehaven's knitting class. Cordelia has been supporting Linda for the last few weeks to get out of the house and access suitable community activities.

When Area Coordinator Rez first met Linda, she said she was experiencing low mood and was keen to get out, as she spent most of the day at home and had to rely on her children to take her out. Linda said one of her main barriers to going out was having no one to go with and also feeling a lack of motivation. Linda also told Rez she lacked confidence to go out due to her mobility needs and uses a walking stick to get around.

To ensure Linda could get to different activities of interest, Rez supported Linda to apply for Plusbus. Plusbus is a community transport solution, provided by Camden, for people who have mobility issues, to get to places of interest.

Once plusbus was in place, Rez introduced Linda to Cordelia who would support her in trying out activities she identified as suitable for her. Cordelia and Linda got on very well from their first meeting, and shared stories about their families. Cordelia supported Linda to attend the knitting group at Castlehaven Community Centre using plusbus, and returning home using public transport. Cordelia accompanied Linda to this class a few times and recently Linda has started making the journey on her own, independently attending the class using plusbus and public transport.

Linda thoroughly enjoys the class and in the picture taken above you can see a mug holder she is making!

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Volunteer Support Meeting

Kentish Town had it's first Camden Community Connectors Peer Support Meeting on 27th March. Sarah, our Area Coordinator in Kentish Town, plans to hold this friendly session every two months, alternating between day and evening slots, so that as many volunteers as possible can attend when it suits them.

We had croissants and fruit and a good chat about situations and issues that we had encountered so far whilst volunteering. Volunteers said that it was a great opportunity to meet each other, to learn more about how the project helps different people, to share experiences and tips, etc.

Volunteers suggested that, in future, we could sometimes have a longer session to discuss a topic or invite a speaker if this was desired. Topics suggestions included 'how to motivate people to do what has been planned'. If you are interested in finding out more about being a volunteer and helping us to help local older people to 'join in', contact us on 0800 161 5716 or email at

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Stuart presenting

Camden Community Connectors is working closely with Dragon Hall and Covent Garden Community Association to develop a brand new service – "Club Thursday", a new timetable of activities, which include talks, films clubs, taster sessions and opportunities for social interactions and making new friendships.

In the morning, there is a yoga class, followed by tea, coffee and pastries, all of which is free, but a donation would be most welcome! Then, from 12pm, the more formal session takes place.

Last month, local resident, Stuart Sweeney, gave a very informative presentation of "Corporate Social Responsibility". The talk induced a great deal of discussion amongst the audience, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

This month Club Thursday will include more presentations, film clubs and an IPad taster session!

For more information please call John (Holborn Area Coordinator) on 07834 177 149. 

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Mette And Pat

The work we do at Camden Community Connectors can make a huge difference in people's lives; giving them a purpose and an opportunity to connect with others!

Mette and Pat were struggling to enjoy weekly activities to keep them busy.  Mette would visit her family on Saturdays and go to bingo on Mondays whilst Pat suffered with pain and even going to centres wasn't working.

Through Camden Community Connectors however the two met doing yoga at St Pancreas Community Association and became friends.  On Tuesdays they do chair based exercises to music and have some lovely food.  The other ladies who attend the classes notice if either of them are not there. 

So what has this done for both Mette and Pat? According to Matte she's " a new lease of life".  Whilst Pat's family are seeing a huge difference now that she is going out and about.  Pat recalls "yeah, because I am doing things that I like now, you know? I'm meeting people, whereas before I wouldn't bother.  We do need people, as we get older, of our own age. It's better to be with other people, but sometimes it's nice for young kids to come in and be there as well and mix. I think on our own we wouldn't have went as much."

The two of them are now so active that they have started volunteering for Camden Town's Older People Advisory Group (OPAG), even if it's just for a couple of hours a week it makes all the difference for them and many other older residents of Camden.

You too can help and inspire people like Mette and Pat by volunteering with the Camden Community Connectors. To find out more please click our Volunteer link.

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Photos of Ray in action

Area Coordinator Rez met Ray a year ago, a few months after Ray had sadly lost his wife. During this time Ray found himself at home more often and tended not to socailise with others. This was an unusual transition for Ray as he was always a bubbly person who worked in numerous trades involving lots of interaction with customers he served. Ray spent a large part of his career working as a chef.

Rez and Ray worked together to find suitable activities for Ray to attend. After trialling a couple of activities, that Ray did not find suitable, Rez connected Ray to Castlehaven community centre. Ray instantly clicked with staff and service users at this community centre and really enjoyed their social gatherings. The pictures above show Ray in his new role as a volunteer for the community centre as he often offers to bake cakes for the socials Castlehaven host. He is holding a secret recipe chocolate cake which went down a treat for everyone who got to taste it! Connecting Ray to Castlehaven was ideal as it really allowed him to showcase his passion for cooking and feeding other people.

In addition, Ray also recently joined a lunch club North London Cares coordinate, in Oldfield Estate, and is planning on baking a bread pudding for other attendees with him the next time he goes.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from Community Connectors please Contact Us  and one of our area coordinators will get in touch.

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Devora and Winifred

At the beginning of January, John informed our newest Connector, Devorah Margolin, that he would like to introduce her Winifred, Devorah could hardly contain her enthusiasm, "That's great news, I can't wait to get started and meet her!"

John first met Winifred two weeks before Christmas. Winifred had recently been discharged from Hospital due to heart failure, and though on the road to recovery, was still feeling the after effects of her illness. It was clear to Winfred that simple tasks such as going out, shopping and generally socialising, were going to be harder for her, but she was determined to live a positive life. Winifred has a loving and supportive family, made up of her son and grandchildren, but do not live locally, so Winifred was very interested to hear more about our project and meeting with a Connector.

Winifred is keen to attend keep fit sessions and also taking up arts and crafts. John informed Winifred that a local Centre – The Seven Dials Club, based in Covent Garden – has a number of sessions for people over 60, including an Art Class and Sit down Yoga. Winifred is keen to visit and see for herself, but doesn't really want to go on her own – and this is where Devorah will come in – providing that support to overcome her trepidation.

Devorah and Winifred have many interests in common, travelling, exploring London as well as interest in Hebrewism.
Today was their first time in meeting. When John and Devorah arrived Winifred was not well, and having an "off day". They asked if she wanted them to come back another date, but Winifred insisted that Devorah should stay – even if only for a few minutes.

John left them alone and went for a walk, by the time that he came back, Winifred looked and sounded much better – the power of a good chat!

Winifred and Devorah are now going to meet again next week – watch this space for updates!

The Camden Community Connectors are always on the lookout for new and talented volunteers to help support people like Winifred. Do you see yourself taking on the same fulfilling role as Devorah? Click our Volunteer link to find out more! 

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Christmas at Tavis House

Lilly, Aileen and John (as well as nearly sixty other guests) enjoyed a pre-Xmas party at Tavis House, Age UK Camden. All three of us had a wonderful afternoon, which included a delicious buffet lunch, carols from the Wellcome Trust choir, a raffle, gifts from Santa and dancing! Everyone was in good spirits and the volunteers and staff worked hard to make everyone feel welcome – it was a great way to start celebrating Christmas!

December can be a difficult month for many people, and for many older people, including Aileen, Christmas day will be spent alone. Aileen is philosophical about this, as she said to John "I have many lovely memories to keep me company", and as far as she was concerned "Today was Christmas!"

If you would like to volunteer for Camden Community Connectors and support people like Aileen, please click our Volunteer button.

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The Queen In Goodenough College

The Queen visited Goodenough College in Mecklenburg Square last week and amongst the many students, teachers, and honoured guests were two of our volunteers (Devorah and Meg) and John. Each of them had an opportunity to speak to her majesty about the Camden Connectors and the work that we do. It was a fascinating day, one that we are sure the volunteers will never forget.

Founded in 1931, Goodenough College is an independent educational charity that provides a secure and supportive environment for local and international postgraduate students. It can house more than 700 students and its members, hailing from more than 85 countries, pursue a diverse range of academic disciplines at most of London's universities and colleges.

Goodenough College has been extremely supportive of the Camden Community Connectors project and this year has been no exception. Janice Telfer and John Hayes have been involved in the recruitment of volunteers and we are sure that all the students will be an asset to the project.

Along with developing valuable skills, our volunteers are making a positive contribution for both individual people and to society. If you would like to volunteer for Camden Community Connectors please click our Volunteer button.

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Ken Ready For Coffee!

This is Ken who recently moved into new accommodation. In his previous accommodation Ken found it very easy to mix with others and always had plenty to do. However, after relocating he found himself with more time on his hands and was keen to use his spare time to socialise with others.

When meeting Ken, the first thing you will notice about him his passion for fashion! Ken has an array of different garments and shoes, some of which he made himself. Ken has worked in multiple trades but mainly worked as a tailor in different parts of the world. He always plans his outfit before going out and ensures all items of clothing are matching!

This picture was taken before Ken was heading out to a coffee morning he was trying out for the first time. Ken is very open to trying out new places to socialise and is very easy to get along with. Our Gospel Oak Coordinator, Rez, accompanied Ken to the coffee morning and reported he was an instant hit with the attendees there as he "clicked" with the group straightaway.

If you would like to volunteer for Camden Community Connectors and support people like Ken to attend outside activities, please click our volunteer button.

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On the 20th April, we had a volunteer fair organised by Volunteer Centre Camden, at the wonderful Foundling Museum. It was a great success! Sarah, Laura and John, spent an enjoyable couple of hours, manning the stall, talking to many prospective volunteers, giving flyers out and making new links within the community.

Within Camden there are many older people who are facing isolation and loneliness. If you can spare just a couple of hours a week, visiting someone in their home, and help them access existing activities and enable them to reconnect to local networks, please do contact us on: 0800 161 5716 or clicking our Volunteer button. 

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