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Today Lucy became our newest Camden Community Connector and visited 69 year old Dorothy. Even before Lucy had got her coat off, Dorothy was introducing her 2nd most passionate hobby – her collection of stuffed teddy bears. Dorothy has amassed a wonderful collection of toys that date back over thirty years. Each teddy bear had a name and story behind it and Lucy took great delight hearing how each teddy bear was acquired and why it was so special.

During the course of the afternoon's visit, Dorothy also revealed her 1st passion in life – Neil Diamond. Dorothy has been a fan since the mid 70's and has seen him live on four occasions. Dorothy knows all of Neil's songs and has the lyrics memorised! She has been known to sing "Sweet Caroline" in the bathtub on many occasion.

Both Dorothy and Lucy have a love of music, so it was easy for them to strike up a conversation and talk about their favourite singers. However, for the most part, talking to people, does not come easy to Dorothy. For most of her life, Dorothy has been an outgoing and sociable person, but recent life events HAVE dented Dorothy's confidence and this has led her to withdraw from others and become isolated, which has meant that Dorothy will often go days without talking to people, other than the sheltered housing staff who support her in her home.

By becoming a volunteer and connecting with older people like Dorothy, you can help to re-build those links and friendships in the community. Even just two hours a week makes all the difference. You too could help older people like Dorothy to continue to access local facilities and carry on with their passions, hobbies and engage with others.

If you would like to volunteer for Camden Community Connectors please click our Volunteer button.



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Like thousands of older people up and down the country, Peter spent last Christmas on his own. He spent the day alone, seeing no one, eating a frozen meal and only the television for company.

Peter had recently suffered a bereavement and coupled with failing health and limited mobility, he had become isolated, lonely and lacking self-assurance to go out.

Thanks to a local volunteer Connector who visited Peter each week, Peter was able to re-discover his confidence to organise himself to visit family in Kings Lynn and this Christmas, Peter will be with his family and loved ones....

Peter was very grateful to the Camden Community Connectors project and admitted that he would not have been able to face the journey on his own, and resigned himself to being alone again this Christmas.

Today I was waving Peter good bye from Kings Cross Station as he started his celebrations

There are many, many older people, like Peter, who would benefit from a regular visit and much needed support and encouragement. If you could spare just an hour or two a week, please do get in contact.

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Jean and volunteer Connector, Xianya, met for the first time two weeks ago. Both were a little nervous about meeting each other, however they soon warmed to each other's company, especially when they found out that they had a mutual love of travelling.
Before her double hip operation, Jean loved exploring the UK and the world and shared her adventures with Xianya, from Scotland to Italy to Egypt, Jean has many wonderful memories to share.

If you would like to be part of the Camden Community Connectors Project, please click our volunteer button.

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